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20190411084325 Mabel Photo I am registered as a dentist with the GDC and have more than 35 years’ clinical experience in general dentistry, both in the NHS and private sectors. 

My experience as a Clinical Adviser with the GDC and Expert Witness with the leading Dental Indemnity organizations means that I am familiar with the GDC Fitness to Practice Process. More importantly, I bring insights from the patient’s, the GDC’s and the registrant’s perspectives. 

The majority of my work is with dental registrants who are facing a GDC Fitness to Practice case. I support them in deepening their self-awareness and insights into the issues raised by the GDC and/or the NHS. Much of this involves creating an effective Personal Professional Development Plan to address the conditions on their GDC registration. As a Myers-Briggs Practitioner, I can help registrants gain a greater understanding about themselves and about others they work and live with. I find this an effective method to develop self-awareness and insight, both of which are necessary tools in order to move forwards. 

I have published several articles in the BDJ on mentoring and the GDC: Mentoring: Why now? | BDJ In Practice ( Mentoring, performance and the GDC | BDJ In Practice ( , Mentoring: Person-centred care | BDJ In Practice ( 

I ran my own practice from 2005 until 2018 and I am only too aware of the need to maintain a healthy work-life balance. I understand how any domestic issues (poor health, relationship problems, anxiety etc) can quickly affect patient care. Likewise, any professional disputes (whether this is related to a business partner, staffing problems or patient complaints) can spill into and invade our personal lives. It has become clear to me that in order to deliver our best care to patients, we ourselves have to be at our best. When we are not at our best, things unravel very rapidly. That is why I passionately believe in mentoring as an effective way to help us get back on our feet when circumstances start to overwhelm us. 

As a professional Mentor, I have coached other business owners from a wide sector. My clients have commented that I have a warm and friendly approach and that I have inspired them to move forwards despite their individual challenges. 

I work throughout the UK and offer one to one sessions remotely or face to face. I aim to fit around your schedule, whether it be during surgery hours, evenings or weekends..

Pam ArmstrongPam Coates Armstrong 2

My practicing career has been in general practice. I have owed multiple practices, converted from NHS to private and was able to build my ideal award-winning practice and team, before eventually selling to a like-minded person.  Recently I have gained qualifications in coaching and mentoring, been a business mentor in different sectors and trained as a helpline volunteer. 

I fully understand the pressures of a career in dentistry, how lonely and overwhelming running a dental practice can be at times.  Shouldering the responsibility for staff, associates, patient care and family, coupled with the need to make a profit and meet all the regulatory standards, can inflict tremendous mental and physical strain. 

I certainly benefitted from working with different mentors during my career development and appreciate the opportunity to help my clients avoid or learn from any mistakes. I aim to provide support and empathy -  it is so important at the end of a career to feel that it was worthwhile and satisfying.

Sukhbir Hothi

Sukhbir Hothi

Performing as a coach/mentor is a lifestyle choice that is sure to bring many rewards.

Working to build trust with staff and patients helps to maximize the benefits of these skills. During these challenging times I have found using coaching/mentoring principles invaluable for patients and staff. From phone triage with patients to new ways of working with staff, coaching has evolved to become a way to engage with the world.

My skills have now helped patients to explore resources available to them to self-manage symptoms and avoid unnecessary surgery visit(s) during the pandemic.

To summarize, coaching and mentoring benefits are immense and I must mention the value of using them at home during the lockdown.

Look forward to helping you when you feel stuck, overwhelmed or just want someone to listen.

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I have been working as a GDP for last 20 years. 

However, what I am passionate about is a bit more than just teeth!
I love making a difference to people’s lives. This includes my patients, peers and team members. 

We find most dentists struggle to ask for help! We often don't realise that the struggles we all face are similar to some extent.

I feel I can connect to people easily and help them when they find themselves in a tricky situation. 

I guide them to see the bigger picture and help overcome stress.

I am confident mentoring will be my way to give back to my community and dental fraternity. 

I am “Here to Ear” -  A lot of times it's a patient ear which can help sort out the most complicated situations.

 I am here to help.

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