For Dental Registrants in Difficulty

From time to time registrants find themselves in a position where they need some support and guidance in specific areas where their skills and competencies require development.

Registrants may identify this themselves as the result of a clinical incident or a patient complaint. They might be the subject of an investigation by their commissioning or employing body and in a small number of cases may be under investigation by the General Dental Council or have been referred to a GDC Fitness to Practise (FtP)Panel.

You may decide to contact someone for support yourself, or be advised to do so by your indemnity organisation, legal representative or required to do so by the GDC FtP panel.

Development Adviser Role

Development advisers are dental professionals of all registrant groups who are appropriately trained to support dental professionals who are subject to conditions imposed by a practice committee, or agreed undertakings with a case examiner, as a result of a fitness to practise investigation. They can also provide support to address areas of skills and competencies which require development at any stage of a registrants career.

Development advisers support the development and progress of the dental professional’s Personal Development Plan (PDP). This work includes advising and monitoring the progress the dental professional is making to address the issues identified by the decision-maker. They offer guidance on their development, and will monitor progress against the agreed deadlines agreed in the PDP.

Development advisers are not responsible for supervising the clinical practice of dentists or dental care professionals. They may be the same person as an approved workplace supervisor if this is required by the GDC. They may also undertake the role of mentor in supporting the registrant in difficulty.

DMUK has a directory of Development Advisers you can browse, and choose who you would like to provide this support. You can contact them directly and discuss how they might support you, what skills and experience they have and how much they will charge you for this service. This is an independent contract between you and the Development Adviser – DMUK does not have a role in brokering this agreement.

The Development Advisers CVs are available on the DMUK website.
If the GDC is involved, the registrant will send the DA’s CV to the GDC to check that it meets the requirements of the person specification. You can cross check the GDCs requirements here

The GDC says that the development adviser must be:

  • Registered with the GDC i.e. a trained dental professional.
  • Be compliant with CPD requirements.

and should have the following education, training and/or skills:

  • Postgraduate qualification in medical education, coaching, mentoring or leadership.
  • Development of Personal Development Plans and mapping CPD.
  • Knowledge of development tools to increase insight and self-awareness.
  • Knowledge of relevant workplace-based assessments, e.g., audit, case-based discussion.
  • Knowledge of current standards and guidelines in dentistry.
  • Knowledge of the GDC fitness to practise process.
  • Report writing skills.
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion policies.
  • Effective communications skills.
  • Motivating and developing others.
  • Good interpersonal skills.



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