Joining Dental Mentors UK

Dental Mentors UK is for all dental professionals, all registrant groups across the UK.

Dental Mentors UK provides a community of like-minded dental professionals who support fellow dental professionals in the UK and maintains an online directory for dental team members looking to find their perfect Mentor or Development Adviser.

If you are a dental professional who is or who wants to be a Mentor or Development Adviser, then join Dental Mentors UK today - it’s the only place to be.

There are two categories of DMUK member

  • Mentors for general mentoring and support 
  • Development Advisers for registrants in difficulty needing additional support

You can choose to be included in either or both directories as part of your membership. DMUK members pay an annual membership fee to become part of a supported community of Mentors and Development Advisers.

Current membership subscriptions are  £140 per annum  for dentists and  £99 per annum for DCPs.

Their profiles can be found in the directories on the DMUK website for Dental Mentors and Development Advisers.

DMUK members have access to a package of benefits including free CPD, resources and supervision.

Those looking for a Mentor or Development Adviser can browse the directory profiles free of charge. Mentees will need to agree terms of engagement with their chosen mentor which will include a fee for their services.


Customer Walkthrough

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Who We Are:

Dental Mentors UK is run by two experienced dental mentors.
We are:

We believe that all dental professionals would benefit from regularly working with a mentor from a personal as well as a professional point of view. Mentors are experienced dental professionals who can guide and support you throughout your career.

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